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Computing System

Date System Description Host Name Mac Address Static IP Status
2009.02 Picard File server N/A
  • 0-23-54-f2-a8-50
2009.02 Pegasus File server N/A N/A N/A Planning
2008.04 Dev-1 Used as InfoD project development machine penguin.ece.utk.edu
  • 00:1D:60:A4:37:9C
  • 00:1d:60:a4:28:07 Active
2007.12 TP61 Windows Vista Business Active
2007.03 MacBookPro Tiger 10.4.x, upgraded to Leopard in Jan. 09 Active
2006.11 Panda File Server panda.ece.utk.edu eth1: 00:17:31:8a:83:9f Active
2003.01 Aicip Dell, Pentium 4, 1.80GHz, 1GB Memory aicip.ece.utk.edu eth0: 00:06:5b:76:bc:47 Active