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* UT: [http://www.eecs.utk.edu/faculty/qi/main Hairong Qi], [http://www.eecs.utk.edu/faculty/tolbert/main Leon Tolbert], [http://www.eecs.utk.edu/faculty/li/main Fran Li], [http://www.eecs.utk.edu/faculty/elhanany/main Itamar Elhanany], [http://www.eecs.utk.edu/faculty/wang/main Xiaorui Wang]
* UT: [http://www.eecs.utk.edu/faculty/qi/main Hairong Qi], [http://www.eecs.utk.edu/faculty/tolbert/main Leon Tolbert], [http://www.eecs.utk.edu/faculty/li/main Fran Li], [http://www.eecs.utk.edu/faculty/elhanany/main Itamar Elhanany], [http://www.eecs.utk.edu/faculty/wang/main Xiaorui Wang],
[http://www.eecs.utk.edu/faculty/tomsovic/ Kevin Tomsovic]
* MSU: [http://www.egr.msu.edu/pelab/ Fang Z. Peng]
* MSU: [http://www.egr.msu.edu/pelab/ Fang Z. Peng]
* UMN: [http://cdtlnet.cdtl.umn.edu/amin.html Massoud Amin]
* UMN: [http://cdtlnet.cdtl.umn.edu/amin.html Massoud Amin]

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Project Summary

Energy infrastructure is a critical underpinning of modern society that any compromise or sabotage of its secure and reliable operation will have a prominent impact on people's daily lives and the national economy. This project develops a hardware-in-the-loop reconfigurable system with embedded intelligence and resilient coordination schemes that would tackle the vulnerabilities of the power grid.



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Kevin Tomsovic


  • Yang Bai (Ph.D./UT) - distributed state estimation
  • Neeharika Jarajapu (M.S./UT) - control-theoretic approaches
  • Arun Nagari (M.S./UT) - hardware-accelerated contingency analysis platform
  • Ben Thompson (UG/UT) - hardware-accelerated contingency analysis platform
  • Irvin J. Balaguer (Ph.D./MSU) - control and coordination of DGs in microgrids
  • Qin Lei (M.S./MSU) - microgrid transits (voltage and frequency changes during grid outage)



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