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(Sigma Xi Competition slides)
(Sigma Xi Competition slides)
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== Sigma Xi Competition slides ==
* Session 1: E-Wen Huang ([[Media:Huang-EWen-Presentation.pdf|pdf]]), Lungui Li ([[Media:|ppt]]), Samir Sahyoun ([[Media:|ppt]]), Henian Xia ([[Media:|ppt]]), Yang Bai ([[Media:|ppt]]), Zhenzhen Yu ([[Media:|ppt]]), Huijuan Li ([[Media:Li-Huijuan-Presentation.ppt|ppt]]), Shenyan Huang ([[Media:Huang-Shenyan-Presentation.ppt|ppt]])
* Session 2: Dongmei Liu ([[Media:Liu-Dongmei-Presentation.ppt|ppt]]), Mohammad Aminul Huque ([[Media:|ppt]]), Lei Cai ([[Media:|ppt]]), Anoop Samant ([[Media:Samant-Anoop-Presentation.ppt|ppt]]), Lu Huang ([[Media:Huang-Lu-Presentation.ppt|ppt]]), Neena Nambiar ([[Media:Nambiar-Neena-Presentation.ppt|ppt]]), Zheng Cao ([[Media:|ppt]]), S. Y. Lee ([[Media:Lee-SooYeol-Presentation.ppt|ppt]])
* Session 3: Xiaowen Liu ([[Media:Liu-Xiaowen-Presentation.ppt|ppt]]), Dawn Drake ([[Media:Drake-Dawn-Presentation.ppt‎|ppt]]), Cenguang Wang ([[Media:|ppt]]), Jacob Stanley ([[Media:|ppt]]), Ji Zhang ([[Media:|ppt]]), Jonathan Bethard ([[Media:Bethard-Jonathan-Presentation.ppt|ppt]]), Zachary Taylor ([[Media:Taylor-Zachary-Presentation.ppt|ppt]])
* Session 4: Adrienne Roach ([[Media:|ppt]]), Kari Jones ([[Media:Jones-Kari-Presentation.ppt‎|ppt]]), Rachael Gabriel ([[Media:Gabriel-Rachael-Presentation.ppt|ppt]]), Lovett Evan Reddick ([[Media:Reddick-Lovett-Presentation.pdf|ppt]]), Christopher Underwood ([[Media:|ppt]]), Adrianne Norris ([[Media:Norris-Adrianne-Presentation.ppt|ppt]]), Chayapa Techathuvanan ([[Media:|ppt]])
* Session 5: Michael Kuhn ([[Media:|ppt]]), Mahmut Karakaya ([[Media:Karakaya-Mahmut-Presentation.ppt|ppt]]), Michelle Minton ([[Media:Minton-Michelle-Presentation.ppt|ppt]]), Zhenke Teng ([[Media:|ppt]]), Sarina Adhikari ([[Media:Sarina-Adhikari-Presentation.ppt|ppt]]), Sameer Paital ([[Media:Paital-Sameer-Presentation.pdf|ppt]]), Zhigang Wang ([[Media:|ppt]])
== Past Events ==
== Past Events ==

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Past Events

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