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  • NewsAug06 - AICIP Newsletter, August 2006, 4th Issue
  • NewsDec05 - AICIP Newsletter, December 2005, 3rd Issue
  • NewsMay05 - AICIP Newsletter, May 2005, 2nd Issue
  • NewsMay05Alumni - AICIP Alumni Newsletter, May 2005, 1st Issue

News Archives

  • October 2014: It has been a long journey from Bruce taking my pattern recognition class. I'm so glad to see him smoothly delivered his dissertation defense on Computing Approximate Solutions to the Art Gallery Problem and Watchman Route Problem by Means of Photon Mapping. It's a great achievement for him considering that he's a full-time job at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Division, FL. So happy for him. Glad to see Eve being part of all these effort.
  • June 2014: Zhibo successfully passed his dissertation defense on Barrier Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks. Together with Huiyan and Hongrui, they'll turn a new page in their life and start working at Wuhan University as an Associate Professor. We are proud of you.
  • May 2014: Welcome Ali Taalimi to our group!
  • May 2014: Liu just passed his MS thesis defense on Statistical Analysis of Disturbances in Power Transmission Systems. Congratulations!
  • Apr 2014: Zhibo's Friendbook work was finally accepted by IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing. Title: Friendbook: A semantic-based friend recommendation system for social networks. It's been a long journey. Congratulations!
  • Apr 2014: After a 6-week internship at Microsoft early this year, Jiajia successfully landed a job at GE Global Research. We'll miss you, Jiajia. Wish you the best in your career and life.
  • Mar 2014: Wei's event unmixing work was finally accepted by IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid. Title: Multiple event detection and recognition through sparse unmixing for high-resolution situational awareness in power grid. We are proud of the breakthrough we made in multiple event analysis.
  • Mar 2014: Another baby boy! Zhibo and Huiyan just had their baby boy, Henry (Hong Rui)! Congratulations, Zhibo and Huiyan!
  • Nov 2013: Zhibo's paper was accepted by INFOCOM14. Congratulations! Title: Fault Tolerant Barrier Coverage for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Sep 2013: Jiajia's paper was accepted by ICCV13. Congratulations! Title: Group sparsity and geometry constrained dictionary learning for action recognition from depth maps
  • Aug 2013: Zhibo's work on barrier coverage was accepted at IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing. Title: Achieving k-barrier coverage in hybrid directional sensor networks. Congratulations!
  • Aug 2013: Welcome Alireza Rahimpour, Yang Song, and Cristian Capdevila to our group!
  • Jul 2013: After a two-year post-doc at ORNL, Mahmut and Suveyda both successfully landed a faculty position at Meliksah University
  • Jun 2013: After a one-year sabbatical, Dr. Qi returns to UT.
  • Apr 2013: New baby! Shuangjiang and Ruoning just had their baby boy. Welcome to the world, Issac! Congratulations, Ruoning and Shuangjiang!
  • Apr 2013: Zhibo, Shuangjiang, and Wei received the Extraordinary Professional Promise Award at the Chancellor's Honors Banquet 2013! Congratulations!
  • Feb 2013: Li's paper was accepted by CVPR13. Congratulations! Title: Beta process joint dictionary learning for coupled feature spaces with application to single image super-resolution
  • July 2012: Lidan's 2007 paper "Endmember extraction from highly mixed data using minimum volume constrained non-negative matrix factorization", published at IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, was awarded the GRSS Highest Impact Paper Award by the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society. This is the first year that this award is established. (pdf)
  • May 2012: We welcome Liu Liu to join our group as a new direct PhD student.
  • June 2011: Mahmut successfully defended his dissertation. He will be a post-doc at ORNL after graduation.
  • January 2011: We welcome Zhibo Wang to join our group as a new Ph.D. student.
  • July 27, 2010: Sangwoo successfully defended his dissertation. Now we should call him Dr. Moon.
  • July 12, 2010: Mahmut's paper, titled "Fault Detection, Correction, and Tolerance for Collaborative Target Localization in Visual Sensor Networks," was accepted at ICDSC 2010. Congratulations!
  • July 12, 2010: Jiajia's paper, titled "Distributed Object Recognition via Feature Unmixing," was accepted at ICDSC 2010. Congratulations!
  • May 3 - May 8, 2010: Dr. Qi is serving as the Publication Chair for the 2010 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. The theme of this year's conference is "50 Years of Robotics". Congratulations!
  • Apr 20, 2010: Mahmut, Sangwoo and Yang received the Extraordinary Professional Promise Award at the Chancellor's Honors Banquet 2010! Congratulations!
  • Apr 7, 2010: Dayu's paper, titled "An Effective Decentralized Nonparametric Quickest Detection Approach," was accepted at ICPR 2010. Congratulations!
  • Apr 7, 2010: Sangwoo's paper, titled "Effective Dimensionality Reduction based on Support Vector Machine," was accepted at ICPR 2010. Congratulations!
  • Mar 16, 2010: Dayu presented his paper, titled "An effective nonparametric quickest detection procedure based on Q-Q distance", at ICASSP'10.
  • Feb 20, 2010: All our fresh AICIPers have passed the doctoral qualify exam, and Shuangjiang got the highest score, 96.88! Congratulations!
  • Jan 5, 2010: AICIP pays farewell to Zhiliang Tu, a one-year visiting student from Harbin Institute of Technology, and at the same time welcomes Zhibo Wang, visiting student from Zhejiang University. Zhibo will be staying with us for one and a half years.
  • Jan 4, 2010: After four hours of torture, Dayu successfully passed his Ph.D. dissertation defense. Yeah!
  • Dec 15, 2009: Dr. Qi presented Woye's paper, titled "A robust node selection strategy for lifetime extension in wireless sensor networks" at MSN'09, WuYi Mountain, China.
  • Dec 11, 2009: Yuxin and Hongliu just had a baby boy today. His name is Lele, meaning "happiness" in Chinese. Yuxin is AICIP's first MS graduate. Congratulations!
  • Dec 11, 2009 Dayu's paper, titled "An Effective Nonparametric Quickest Detection Procedure based on Q-Q Distance" is accepted for poster presentation at ICASSP'10. Congratulations!
  • Nov 2, 2009: Harika successfully passed her thesis defense today. Congratulations!
  • Oct 11, 2009 Ying had a baby boy on Aug. 28 but she waited until now to tell us the news. His name is Joseph Xinyang Cao.
  • Sep 1, 2009 Mahmut's paper, titled "Target detection and counting using a progressive certainty map in distributed visual sensor networks" got the Best Paper Award at ICDSC'09.
  • Sep 2, 2009 Yang presented his paper, titled "Redundancy removal through semantic neighbor selection in visual sensor networks", at ICDSC'09.
  • Jul 4, 2009 Lu and Scott finally got married. We are so happy for them!
  • Jul, 2009 Mahmut married the beautiful Suveyda back in Turkey. They both are great cooks. See how happy Mahmut is in the picture?
  • June 2008 Dr. Qi is offering a lecture series on "Collaborative Processing in Sensor Networks," at ZheJiang University this summer.
  • May 2008 Dr. Qi and Mahmut are visiting ZheJiang University, Hangzhou, China from late May till end of July of 2008
  • Yang's paper, titled "A new perspective on terahertz image reconstruction based on linear spectral unmixing," was accepted at ICIP 2008. This year there were around 1,700 submissions and the acceptance rate is 45%.