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=== MS Graduates ===
=== MS Graduates ===
;Yang Zhang (Fall 2016)
:Thesis: Scheduling for Timely Passenger Delivery in a Large Scale Ride Sharing System
;Liu Liu, M.S., Summer 2014
;Liu Liu, M.S., Summer 2014

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Current Students

  • Liu Liu, Ph.D.
  • Yang Song, Ph.D.
  • Alireza Rahimpour, Ph.D.
  • Ali Taalimi, Ph.D.
  • Zhifei Zhang, Ph.D.
  • Ying Qu, Ph.D.
  • Chengcheng Li, Ph.D.
  • Elliot Greenlee, Ph.D.

Graduated Students

PhD Graduates

Austin Albright (Fall 2016)
Dissertation: A Quantitative Measurement of Mono-Componentness for Time-Frequency Analysis
Rui Guo (Summer 2016)
Dissertation: Face Centered Image Analysis Using Saliency and Deep Learning based Techniques
Wei Wang (Fall 2015)
Dissertation: Exploiting Cross Domain Relationships for Target Recognition
Shuangjiang Li (Summer 2015)
Dissertation: Compressed Sensing in Resource-Constrained Environments: From Sensing Mechanism Design to Recovery Algorithms
Bruce A. Johnson (Fall 2014)
Dissertation: Computing Approximate Solutions to the Art Gallery Problem and Watchman Route Problem by Means of Photon Mapping
Zhibo Wang (Summer 2014)
Dissertation: Barrier Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jiajia Luo (Spring 2014)
Dissertation: Feature Extraction and Recognition for Human Action Recognition
Li He, Ph.D., Fall 2013
Dissertation: Bayesian Dictionary Learning for Single and Coupled Feature Spaces
Mahmut Karakaya, Ph.D., Summer 2011
Dissertation: Collaborative Solutions to Visual Sensor Networks
Yang Bai, Ph.D., Spring 2011
Dissertation: Feature-based Image Comparison and Its Application in Wireless Visual Sensor Network
Sangwoo Moon, Ph.D., Summer 2010
Dissertation: A Novel Hybrid Dimensionality Reduction Method Using Support Vector Machines and Independent Component Analysis
Dayu Yang, Ph.D., Spring 2010 - Co-advised with Dr. Husheng Li
Dssertation: An Effective Approach to Nonparametric Quickest Detection and Its Decentralized Realization
Ortal Orazi, Ph.D., Fall 2007
Dissertation: Self-certified Public Key Cryptographic Methodologies for Resource-constrained Wireless Sensor Networks
Lidan Miao, Ph.D., Fall 2007
Dissertation: Computationally-efficient Mixed Pixel Decomposition Using Constrained Optimizations
Hongtao Du, Ph.D., Fall 2006, - Co-advised with Dr. Don Bouldin
Dissertation: Efficient Image Processing in Resource-Constrained Visual Sensor Networks
Yingyue Xu, Ph.D., Spring 2005
Dissertation: Energy Efficient Designs for Collaborative Signal and Information Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Xiaoling Wang, Ph.D., Fall 2004
Dissertation: High Accuracy Distributed Target Detection and Classification in Sensor Networks Based on Mobile Agent Framework

MS Graduates

Yang Zhang (Fall 2016)
Thesis: Scheduling for Timely Passenger Delivery in a Large Scale Ride Sharing System
Liu Liu, M.S., Summer 2014
Thesis: Statistical Analysis of Disturbances in Power Transmission System
Daniel Marti'nez Capilla, M.S., Summer 2012 - Co-advised with Dr. Fabrice Meriaudeau
Thesis: Sign Language Translator Using Microsoft Kinect
Bryan Bodkin, M.S., Summer 2012
Thesis: Real-Time Mobile Stereo Vision
Shravani Yerabati, M.S. (Non-thesis Option/Project), Spring 2012
Project: Hand Gesture Recognition - A Performance Comparison
Shuangjiang Li, M.S., Fall 2011
Thesis: Distributed Compressive Sparse Sampling for Data Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks
Harika Tandra, M.S., Fall 2009
Thesis: Automated System to Debug Under-performing Network Flows in Wide Area Networks
Ying Sun, M.S., Summer 2008
Thesis: Dynamic Target Classification in Wireless Sensor Networks
Austin Albright, M.S., Fall 2007
Thesis: The Detection of Stress Corrosion Cracking in National Gas Pipelines Using Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers
Haritha Kolli, M.S., Summer 2007, - Co-advised with Dr. Thomas G. Hallam
Thesis: Study of Interaction Between Mexican Free tailed Bats and Moths
Raghul Gunasekarn, M.S., Spring 2007
Thesis: A Cross-layer Routing Protocol (XLRP) for Wireless Sensor Networks
Cheng Qian, M.S., Summer 2006
Thesis: A Distributed Solution for Visual Sensor Networks to Detect Targets in Crowds
Lu Zhang, M.S., Summer 2006
Thesis: Automatic Image Based Time Varying 3D Feature Extraction and Tracking
Chris Beall, M.S., Summer 2006
Thesis: Distributed Self-Deployment in Visual Sensor Networks
Sankar Venkatraman, M.S., Summer 2005, - Co-advised with Dr. Mitchel J. Doktycz
Thesis: Automated Analysis of Fluorescent Microscopic Images to Identify Protein-protein Interactions
Balasubramanian Lakshminarayanan, M.S., Summer 2005
Thesis: Automatic Target Recognition of Civilian Targets Using Data Fusion
Aruna Raghavan, M.S., Summer 2005, - Co-advised with Dr. Tom Hallam
Thesis: Study of Individual and Group Behavior of Brazilian Free Tailed Bats and Dynamic Frame Bat Counting Using Real-Time Infrared Video
Gaurav Baone, M.S., Summer 2005
Thesis: Development of Demosaicking Techniques for Multi-Spectral Imaging Using Mosaic Focal Plane Arrays
Yang Liu, M.S., Fall 2004
Thesis: The Design of Medium Access Control (MAC) Protocols for Energy Efficiency and QoS Provision in Wireless Sensor Networks
Olawoye Oyeyele, M.S., Summer 2004
Thesis: A Robust Node Selection Strategy for Lifetime Extension in Wireless Sensor Networks
Phani Teja Sastry Kuruganti, M.S., Summer 2003
Thesis: Development of Mobile Agent Framework in Wireless Sensor Networks for Multi-Sensor Collaborative Processing
Hongtao Du, M.S., Summer 2003, Co-advised with Dr. Gregory Peterson
Thesis: Dimensionality Reduction Using Parallel ICA and Its Implementation on FPGA in Hyperspectral Image Analysis
Yuxin Tian, M.S., Summer 2001
Thesis: Target Detection and Classification Using Seismic Signal Processing in Unattended Ground Sensor Systems