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Published Books

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SR Related Papers

  • D. Glasner, S. Bagon, M. Irani, "Super-resolution from a single image", ICCV' 09. (Weizmann)
  • T. Tanaka,R. Miyamoto, R.M. Chong, "Super-resolution based on blind deconvolution using similarity of power spectra", ICDSC' 09 (Tokyo U of Agri & Tech)

Distributed SR Related Papers

  • G. Caner, A.M. Tekalp, W.Heinzelman, "Super resolution recovery for multi-camera surveillance imaging", ICME' 03. (Rochester)
  • R. Wagner, R. Nowak, R. Baraniuk, "Distributed image compression for sensor networks using correspondence analysis and super-resolution", ICIP' 03. (Rice)
  • L. Baboulaz, P.L. Dragotti, "Distributed acquisition and image super-resolution based on continuous moments from samples",ICIP' 06 . (Imperial)