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Time Speaker Title PPT 11/16/06 Ying Review On Iris Recognition F06_Ying_Iris recognition.ppt 01/08/06 Raghul Net-Ready Sensors F06-Raghul-Net_Ready_Sensors.ppt 09/01/06 Austin Stress Corrosion Crack(SCC) Detection in Natural Gas Pipelines F06-Austin-SCC_Detection.ppt

Spring 2006 Speaker Title PPT 04/13/06 Ortal Modular Multiplication S06-Ortal-Modular_Multiplication.ppt 04/06/06 Cheng Distributed solutions for visual sensor networks to detect targets in crowds - Implementation S06-Cheng-DistributedVSN-II.ppt 04/06/06 Lidan Endmember Detection from Highly Mixed Data Using Minimum Volume Constrained NMF S06-lidan-mvcnmf.ppt 04/06/06 Raghul Interfacing external Sensors to Telosb motes S06-Raghul-extSensor_motes.ppt 03/30/06 Zhang Automatic Image Based Volume Features Extraction and Tracking S06-lu-featuretracking2.ppt 03/30/06 Chris Localization and Distribution Results s06-chris-localization-results.ppt 03/16/06 Cheng Distributed solutions for visual sensor networks to detect targets in crowds s06-Cheng-DistributedVSN.ppt 03/09/06 Hongtao Data Dependency Analysis for Pipelined and Parallel Computing s06-Hongtao-DataAnalysis.ppt 03/02/06 Ortal Key Propagation S06_Ortal_key_propagation_.ppt 02/23/06 Lidan Mathematical Analysis of Algorithm for Mixed Pixel Decomposition S06-lidan-mathinmaxent.ppt 02/23/06 Raghul Routing Algorithm for Large Data oriented Sensor Networks S06-Raghul-Data-Routing.ppt 02/16/06 Lu The Implementation of Image-based 3D Features Tracking System S06-lu-featuretracking.ppt 02/16/06 Chris Implementing Localization - Software Progress s06-chris-localization-software.ppt 02/02/06 Cheng My research experience s06-Cheng-Researchexperience.ppt

Fall 2005 Speaker Title PPT 12/01/05 Hongtao Partition for Pipelined and Parallel Computing, Part 2 f05-Hongtao-Partition2.ppt 12/01/05 Chris Localization and Programming Challenges f05-Chris-localization-challenges.ppt 11/17/05 Raghul Visual Sensor Network and SMAC f05-Raghul-SMAC.ppt 11/17/05 Ortal Multiplication over an Elliptic Curve f05-Ortal-multiplications_over_EC.ppt 11/10/05 Lu Feature Tracking f05-lu-featuretracking.ppt 11/10/05 Lidan Comparative Analysis of Spectral Unmixing Algorithms f05-lidan-unmixinganalysis.ppt 11/03/05 Hongtao Partition for Pipelined and Parallel Computing f05-Hongtao-Partition1.ppt 11/03/05 Chris Mobile Sensor Platform and Localization f05-Chris-mobile_platform.ppt 10/27/05 Raghul Tiny Diffusion on Telosb motes f05-Raghul-TinyDiff.ppt 10/27/05 Ortal Self-Certified Group Key Generation for Ad hoc clusters in Wireless Sensor Networks f05-Ortal-ICCCN2005.ppt 09/29/05 Lidan Review of Spectral Unmixing for Hyperspectral Imagery f05-lidan-unmixingreview.ppt 09/22/05 Lu Automatic Camera Calibration f05-lu-cameracilbration.ppt

Spring 2005 Speaker Title PPT 04/06/05 Ortal Network security and Cryptography Networksecurity.ppt 03/09/05 Bala ATR and Data Fusion ATRanddatafusion.ppt 03/02/05 Gaurav Restoration of Multi-Spectral Images using MAP Reconstuction.ppt 02/23/05 Hongtao Du Synthesis Structures for Blind Source Separation Synthesis.ppt 02/18/05 Lidan Miao Introduction to Space variant Blind Source Separation BSS.ppt 02/09/05 Aruna Raghavan Study Of Individual and Group responses of Mexican Free tailed bats bats.ppt 02/02/05 Yingyue Xu On Mobile Agent Itinerary Modeling and Design for Collaborative Processing in Sensor Networks ma_migration.ppt

Fall 2004 Speaker Title PPT 10/19/04 Lidan Optimal Self-placement of Heterogeneous Mobile Sensors�in Sensor Networks sensordeployment.ppt 09/28/04 Bala Automatic Target Recognition of civilian targets atr2.ppt 09/21/04 Sankar Automated subcellular localization of proteins cells.ppt 09/14/04 Yang Liu Energy-Efficient QOS-Aware MAC Design EQMAC.ppt 08/31/04 Hongtao Du Micro-sensing Modalities sensing.ppt 08/31/04 Hairong Qi MAP Optimization in Demosaicking optimization.ppt 08/24/04 Lidan Demosaicking for Multispectral Filter Array (MSFA) demosaicking.ppt

Spring 2004 Speaker Title PPT 04/01/04 Bala Automatic Target Recognition atr.ppt 03/25/04 Hongtao Parallel ICA Algorithm and Modeling pica.ppt 03/18/04 Bala and Mike NVL Sensor Fusion Test Bed sftb.ppt 03/04/04 Olawoye Oyeyele Node Selection in Distributed Sensor Networks selection.ppt 02/26/04 Yingyue Xu Decentralized Reactive Clustering in Sensor Networks DRC.ppt 02/19/04 Xiaoling Wang A Brief Review of Theory for Information Fusion in Sensor Networks InformationFusion.ppt 02/05/04 Yang Liu Sensor Network Simulation sensim.ppt 01/29/04 Gaurav A Brief Review of Hexagonal Arrays hexagonal.ppt 01/22/04 Lidan Miao Generation of Multispectral Filter Array GenerationofMSFA.ppt 01/15/04 Hairong Qi AICIP Research Overview 040116-AICIPResearchOverview.ppt

Fall 2003 Speaker Title PPT 11/24/2003 Woye Oyeyele Data Selection in Ad-hoc Wireless Sensor Networks randomization.ppt 11/17/2003 Xiaoling Wang Mobile Agent Based Progressive Multiple Target Detection in Sensor Networks psne.ppt 11/10/2003 Hongtao Du Introduction of Probabilistic Reasoning and Bayesian Networks DBN.ppt 11/03/2003 Lidan Miao Stegonagraphy - A Review stegonagraphy-review.ppt 10/20/2003 Yingyue Xu Mobile agent migration problem mobile_agent_migration.ppt 10/10/2003 Woye Oyeyele Sensor Selection in Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks spatial.ppt 09/29/2003 Hongtao Du Modeling Mobile-Agent-based Collaborative Processing in Sensor Networks Using GSPN group_smc.ppt 09/22/2003 Yang Liu Applications on Motes Mote_based_application.ppt 09/08/2003 Yingyue Xu Simulation of "DeReClus" dereclus.ppt 08/25/2003 Xiaoling Wang Multi-target Detection in Sensor Networks detection.ppt

Spring 2003 Speaker Title PPT 04/29/2003 Woye Oyeyele Eigenstructure Methods for Noise Covariance Estimation noise_cov.ppt 04/15/2003 Hongtao Du Synthesis of Signal Processing on FPGA fpga_ica.ppt 04/08/2003 Teja Sastry Coverage in Sensor Network cover.ppt 04/04/2003 Yang Liu Wireless Sensor Network Simulation simulation.ppt 03/25/2003 Yingyue Xu Network Simulator 2 ns2xu_final.ppt 03/11/2003 Xiaoling Wang Overview of Distributed Data Mining ddm.ppt 03/04/2003 Woye Oyeyele Distributed Signal Processing dsp03042003.ppt 02/28/2003 Yang Liu Overview of Wireless Sensor Network Security security.ppt 02/18/2003 Hongtao Du Dimensionality Reduction in Hyperspectral Image Analysis Using Independent Component Analysis HSI_ICA.ppt 02/11/2003 Teja Kuruganti Directed Diffusion diffusion.ppt 02/04/2003 Yingyue Xu Energy efficient communication in wireless sensor networks Energy Efficient.ppt 01/28/2003 Xiaoling Wang Introduction on Independent Component Analysis ICA.ppt