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Welcome to AICIP (Advanced Imaging and Collaborative Information Processing) Wiki site.

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  • New November 2015: Welcome Ying Qu to our group!
  • New October 2015: Wei passed his PhD defense. Congratulations, Dr. Wang! He will start working at GE Global Research in November.
  • June 2015: Rui and Wei's WHISPERS paper got the Best Paper Award. The work is the first that uses autoencoder cascade to solve the spectral unmixing problem.
  • June 2015: Ali's MICCAI paper was accepted. This is the equivalent of CVPR in medical imaging area.
  • May 2014: Welcome Ali Taalimi to our group!
  • May 2014: Liu just passed his MS thesis defense on Statistical Analysis of Disturbances in Power Transmission Systems. Congratulations!
  • Apr 2014: Zhibo's Friendbook work was finally accepted by IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing. Title: Friendbook: A semantic-based friend recommendation system for social networks. It's been a long journey. Congratulations!
  • Apr 2014: After a 6-week internship at Microsoft early this year, Jiajia successfully landed a job at GE Global Research. We'll miss you, Jiajia. Wish you the best in your career and life.
  • Mar 2014: Wei's event unmixing work was finally accepted by IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid. Title: Multiple event detection and recognition through sparse unmixing for high-resolution situational awareness in power grid. We are proud of the breakthrough we made in multiple event analysis.
  • Mar 2014: Another baby boy! Zhibo and Huiyan just had their baby boy, Henry (Hong Rui)! Congratulations, Zhibo and Huiyan!
  • Nov 2013: Zhibo's paper was accepted by INFOCOM14. Congratulations! Title: Fault Tolerant Barrier Coverage for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Sep 2013: Jiajia's paper was accepted by ICCV13. Congratulations! Title: Group sparsity and geometry constrained dictionary learning for action recognition from depth maps
  • Aug 2013: Zhibo's work on barrier coverage was accepted at IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing. Title: Achieving k-barrier coverage in hybrid directional sensor networks. Congratulations!
  • Aug 2013: Welcome Alireza Rahimpour, Yang Song, and Cristian Capdevila to our group!

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