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Welcome to AICIP (Advanced Imaging and Collaborative Information Processing) Wiki site.

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  • New February 2016: The Robot Day/Week. We were able to build five platforms using RPI. Pictures coming soon...
  • New February 2016: Welcome Chengcheng Li to our group!
  • November 2015: Part of Shuangjiang's dissertation work was published at IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. Congratulations! (pdf)
  • November 2015: Welcome Ying Qu to our group!
  • October 2015: Wei passed his PhD defense. Exploiting Cross Domain Relationships for Target. Congratulations, Dr. Wang! He will start working at GE Global Research in November.
  • September 2015: Shuangjiang and Wei's work on anomaly detection in hyperspectral images using low-rank tensor decomposition is recognized as "Top 10%" papers at ICIP. Congratulations! This work is the outcome from a phase 2 STTR project, in collaboration with SPI, Inc. and NASA. (pdf)
  • Summer 2015: Shuangjiang successfully defended his dissertation on Compressed Sensing in Resource-Constrained Environments: From Sensing Mechanism Design to Recovery Algorithms. Shuangjiang is a role model for fast-track realization. Six years ago, with a BS degree, he came to US with two luggage. And six years later, he's got an MS and PhD degree, a wife, and a son! We admire his efficiency! He will start working at Palo Alto Networks, CA where he interned.
  • June 2015: Rui and Wei's WHISPERS paper got the Best Paper Award. Congratulations! The work is the first that uses deep learning framework (i.e., autoencoder cascade) to solve the spectral unmixing problem. (pdf)
  • June 2015: Ali's MICCAI paper was accepted. This is the equivalence of CVPR in medical imaging area. It discusses multi-modal dictionary learning and feature-level fusion. (pdf)

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