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Welcome to AICIP (Advanced Imaging and Collaborative Information Processing) Wiki site.

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  • New March 2017: Zhifei and Yang's paper on "Age progression/regression by conditional adversarial autoencoder," is accepted by CVPR'17. Congratulations on the team. See the bitbucket site for the paper and source code.
  • New January 2017: Yang and Alireza's papers, "Multiple event detection and recognition for large-scale power systems through cluster-based sparse coding," and "Non-intrusive energy disaggregation using non-negative matrix factorization with sum-to-k constraint," to IEEE Transactions on Power Systems have been accepted. It's quite some challenge for signal processing people to publish in this transaction. Congratulations! (pdf)(pdf)
  • New January 2017: Welcome Elliot Greenlee to our group!
  • New December 2016: Zhifei's paper, "Topological analysis and Gaussian decision tree: Effective representation and classification of biosignals of small sample size," to IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering has been accepted. Congratulations! This is another cross-disciplinary work we conducted recently. (pdf)
  • New December 2016: Congratulations to Yang on her paper, "Seeing the unseen: Uncover the bulk heterogeneous deformation processes in metallic glasses through surface temperature decoding," accepted at Materials Today. The journal has an impact factor greater than 30. This is a very successful cross-disciplinary study in collaboration with colleagues from Material Science and Engineering. (pdf)
  • New September 2016: Congratulations to Dr. Austin Albright for successfully defending his PhD defense. It’s been a long journey for Austin but so much fulfilled. When he defended his MS in 2007, he was a student with a fellowship and a girlfriend. Now in between, he somehow managed to have a full-time job, a wife, and FOUR kids.
  • New July 2016: Congratulations to Ying for winning the first prize in student competition at IGRASS 2016, held in Beijing. This year, there were 174 entries for student paper competition, and 10 selected as finalists for oral presentation. Ying was ranked the first among the ten. The paper is co-authored by Rui Guo, Wei Wang, titled “Anomaly detection in hyper spectral images through unmixing and low rank decomposition”. She really did an excellent presentation, well prepared. Not like the Ying we usually see. The paper is based on a previous paper first-authored by Wei on anomaly detection.
  • New May 2016: Congratulations to Dr. Rui Guo. Rui has accepted the offer from Toyota ITC for a permanent position after interned there in Spring.
  • February 2016: The Robot Day/Week. We were able to build five platforms using RPI. Pictures coming soon...
  • February 2016: Welcome Chengcheng Li to our group!

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