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Welcome to AICIP (Advanced Imaging and Collaborative Information Processing) Wiki site.

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  • New September 2018: Congratulations to Dr. Zhifei Zhang for successfully defending his dissertation on "Conditional Image Synthesis by Generative Adversarial Modeling." Zhifei is going to start working at Adobe in December.
  • New August 2018: Welcome four new students joining our group, Razieh K. Baghbaderani, Taher Naderi, Maofeng Tang, and Quan Zhou. They come from very diverse background, image processing, control, remote sensing, and mechatronics.
  • New August 2018: Elliot did a great job defending his thesis, "Real Time Fusion of Radioisotope Direction Estimation and Visual Object Tracking." Congratulations!
  • New February 2018: Ying's paper on "Unsupervised sparse Dirichlet-net for hyperspectral image super-resolution," is accepted by CVPR'18. Congratulations on this excellent work!
  • New February 2018: Congratulations to Dr. Liu Liu for successfully defending his PhD dissertation on Valentine's Day. His dissertation topic is "Binary Representation Learning for Large Scale Visual Data." Liu has already accepted the offer from Samsung at CA and will start soon.
  • New January 2018: Welcome Ramin Nabati to officially join our group!
  • New December 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Ying Qu for successfully defending her PhD dissertation. Her dissertation topic is "Hyperspectral Image Analysis through Unsupervised Deep Learning."
  • New November 2017: After their CVPR paper, Yang and Zhifei's another paper on "Cross domain face composition and synthesis from limited facial parts," is accepted by AAAI'18. Congratulations to the team for another excellent piece of work.
  • New March 2017: Zhifei and Yang's paper on "Age progression/regression by conditional adversarial autoencoder," is accepted by CVPR'17. Congratulations to the team. See the bitbucket site for the paper and source code.
  • New January 2017: Yang and Alireza's papers, "Multiple event detection and recognition for large-scale power systems through cluster-based sparse coding," and "Non-intrusive energy disaggregation using non-negative matrix factorization with sum-to-k constraint," to IEEE Transactions on Power Systems have been accepted. It's quite some challenge for signal processing people to publish in this transaction. Congratulations! (pdf)(pdf)
  • New January 2017: Welcome Elliot Greenlee to our group! Elliot came to our group with a BS in CS from UT. Also welcome visiting student Weisheng Tang to our group! Weisheng is a PhD student at Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) in China.

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