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Workshop on Embedded Middleware for Smart Camera and Visual Sensor Networks (eMCAM)

held in conjunction with the

ACM/IEEE International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras (ICDSC-08)

September 11, 2008, Stanford, USA

Recent advances in technology have pushed the development of visual sensor networks which capture and collaboratively process images on distributed sensor nodes. Visual sensor network applications demand reasonably powerful nodes to process and analyze the images in real-time. These sensor nodes are realized as resource-constrained embedded system with a computation and communication performance which lies in between general-purpose networks and wireless sensor networks. Design methods, middleware systems and tools are required to efficiently develop reliable visual sensor network applications. The aim of this workshop is to stimulate research in the area of middleware for smart camera and visual sensor networks. We solicit papers addressing all theoretical and practical aspect such as design methods, modeling, verification, tools and services. We particularly encourage submissions describing prototypes, applications, case studies or deployments.


Methods for design, deployment and operation

  • Design methods for distributed image processing
  • Distributed image processing
  • Verification
  • Modeling

Tools, services

  • System-level software and middleware
  • Resource monitoring
  • Protocols and communication
  • Energy-awareness, fault tolerance, privacy, security
  • Localization and synchronization
  • QoS

Applications and Demos

  • Mobile, wireless etc.
  • Multimedia
  • Pervasive and ubiquitous computing