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Call for Papers 
IEEE Signal Processing Society 

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing 

Special Issue on Distributed Processing in Image Sensor Networks 

Technological advances in the design of image sensors and embedded processors have facilitated the 
development of efficient embedded vision-based techniques. Design of scalable, network-based 
applications based on high-bandwidth data such as images requires a change of paradigm in the processing 
methodologies. Instead of streaming raw images to a powerful, central processing unit, in the new 
paradigm each network node utilizes local processing to translate the observed data into features and 
attributes, which are shared with other network nodes to make a collaborative deduction about the event of 
interest. Many novel application areas in smart environments such as patient and elderly care, ambient 
intelligence, multimedia and gaming can be enabled by such distributed processing approach to algorithm 
design for image sensor networks. 

To fully utilize the efficiencies offered by the new paradigm, it is necessary to consider its ramifications on 
the design of the hardware, in-node processing, and collaboration mechanisms. This raises issues on the 
effective ways of collaboration and levels in which data can be exchanged between the nodes. In addition, 
effective local processing methods based on opportunistic use of information acquired from the scene or 
received from other nodes need to be investigated. Joint estimation and decision making techniques need to 
be developed taking into account the processing capabilities of the nodes as well as the network bandwidth 
limits and application latency requirements. Spatiotemporal data fusion algorithms employing information 
obtained by the network across the dimensions of space, time, and feature levels and the impacts of the 
various cost and efficiency tradeoffs need to be examined against the requirements of the application. 

The goal of this special issue is to provide insight into the design methodologies for vision networks from a 
distributed signal processing perspective. Original papers, previously unpublished and not currently under 
review by another journal, are solicited that cover one or more of the following topics: 

Spatiotemporal data fusion techniques for image sensor networks 
Multi-camera detection and tracking algorithms 
Distributed and joint estimation methods 
Probabilistic data exchange and decision fusion 
System architecture and hardware platforms for distributed image sensing and processing 
Collaborative algorithms for embedded processors 
Protocols for sharing estimates and attributes between network nodes 
Applications of distributed image sensors in smart environments 
Prospective authors can find submission information at, and are advised to 
follow the Author’s Guide for the formats of manuscripts submitted to the IEEE Transactions on Signal 
Processing as detailed at The manuscripts will undergo peer review 

Submission deadline: October 31, 2007 

First round of reviews completed: December 20, 2007 

Revised manuscripts due: February 5, 2008 

Second round of reviews completed: April 5, 2008 

Final manuscripts due: May 1, 2008 

Lead guest editor: Hamid Aghajan, Stanford University, USA ( 
Guest editors: 

Richard Kleihorst, NXP Semiconductors Research, Netherlands ( 

Bernhard Rinner, Klagenfurt University, Austria ( 

Wayne Wolf, Princeton University, USA (