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Group and Alumni,

I debated if I should make this a January 2006 issue or December 2005 issue. 
Big difference. Finally, I went with the latter. Well, lots of things happened 
within AICIP since May 2005. Before I get into the details, a couple of 

- Dr. Elhanany challenged our group and the power group for a bowling 
championship the first Friday after school starts. Since some of our "elite" 
members would be at conference, we'll probably postpone it to the following 
Friday. I know Chris is an expert in bowling. Who else? Believe it or not, I 
never bowled before.

- The power group is suggesting a rematch on volleyball and basketball!! 
Hongtao has to think about how to get us a win in basketball, with four 
"excellent" female players and three "lousy" male players :-) Too bad Bala 
isn't here and Gaurav is leaving in January.

- I just posted the pictures from the cookout and the Engineer's day on 
aicip's activity page. Enjoy!

- Previous issues of AICIP newsletter are now archived on twiki.

OK, now, what has happened since May this year?

- WE graduated four M.S. students this summer, Aruna, Bala, Gaurav, and 
Sankar. They all did a very nice piece of thesis work.

-- Bala presented his thesis work at the AIPR conference this October and has 
brought me a couple of contacts. I followed up later with some and might 
actually generate some good opportunities.

-- Gaurav's paper to the SPIE EI conference got accepted and he'll be 
presenting it in January. The conference organizer is so interested in his 
work that he invited him to write an article in the EI newsletter.

-- Sankar's paper to the IEEE EMBS conference is selected as one of the 11 
finalists (out of around 2000 paper submissions) to enter the "student paper 
competition". Although he's not the final three, it's already a very good 

-- Aruna... This is probably the most important year for Aruna. She graduated, 
engaged, found a job, and got married on Dec. 11! On top of that, after one 
month or so training in Chicago, she was offered a job by IBM/Rochester, the 
same place where her husband works now. How wonderful!

-- Sankar is working in the post-MS program at ORNL now. Bala has moved to 
Boston, living with his relatives while trying to find a job. Gaurav will be 
attending the EI conference at San Jose and stay there afterward with his 
friend. We wish them the best in job hunting.

- WE have two new members joining our group, Chris and Lu. They'll be 
graduating next semester. Time really flies.

-- Chris designed our 2nd-generation mobile sensor platforms. Till now, we 
have demonstrated it on Engineer's day, to visitors and to ABET evaluators. 
You'd love to see the smooth synchronous dancing on this generation. The 
details are currently posted at twiki. We are thinking about moving it to 

-- Lu works on the visualization project with Computer Science department. She 
was just selected to attend the Google Women Engineer workshop at San Jose. 
Hope she can land a job there, so that she can be closer to THE boyfriend :-)

- Under Ortal's advocation and Chris's design, the students cleaned up the lab 
really nicely. Yingyue probably couldn't recognize his old desk as all the 
wires are gone. But before I can take a photo of it, the robot week transits 
the lab into another view. As long as you are comfortable, what can I say?

- We had two volleyball matches with the power group this summer. 
Unfortunately, we lost both times although somehow I really think we are the 
stronger team :-) Anyway, we had such good time, hadn't we?

- As mentioned above, we had our robot week/month to assemble five 
2nd-generation mobile sensor platforms. Lu is our soldering lady and Hongtao 
is our cutting/drilling engineer. Chris built the yellow robot, Ortal the red, 
me the green (I was worrying having the same fate as terminator. But luckily, 
it came through), Raghul the blue, and Lidan the black. Except for Raghul's, 
everybody is walking healthily.

- Under everybody's advocation, the students now have a fridge in the lab and 
start brewing coffee and tea. What a life! Their justification is that this 
helps productivity. We'll see. But the coffee smells really nice.

- Lidan had two papers accepted by IEEE Transaction on Image Processing. 
Congratulations! But this doesn't come easily at all. One of the paper takes 2 
submissions, and the first submission takes 3 rounds of reviews. My suggestion 
to you all is to try out the good journals first and don't be discouraged with 
bad or unfair reviews. Be persistent and patient. If it's good work, sooner or 
later, it'll be recognized.

- Ortal presented her security paper at ICCCN this October and had a good time 
in San Diego. We'll try some security-specific conferences next time. She also 
submitted a journal paper under review.

- Both Hongtao and Yingyue have their papers accepted at the first sensor 
network conference sponsored by the IEEE SMC society. Yingyue has been 
productive in publishing papers from his thesis work. Since graduation, he has 
had two conference papers (one is WCNC which is very competitive) and one 
journal paper accepted.

- Yuxin's work is reported on EE Time. Although he's doing great, he has 
decided to go for a M.S. first and am looking for a challenging job.
- Yingyue had his first proposal funded (written with colleagues). 
Congratulations! It's not easy at all to get funding. The competition is 
getting  tougher.

- Teja just bought a motorcycle. I just couldn't connect Teja with motorcycle. 
Doesn't seem to have a match. What do you think?

- All of you know Yang is working at Broadcom. His wife just got an offer in 
the same city and soon to join him.

- Heard Xiaoling will take or just took a business trip to Japan.

- Woye turned down an MBA offer this year and is applying for MBA programs 
from top-ranked schools. He's now working in a contract firm (is this 
accurate?) in Chicago. He's be a great manager. Don't you think, everybody?

- We had our first cookout this October as a farewell party to Bala, Gaurav 
and Sankar. (We had a small party for Aruna but right after we lost to the 
power group. Remember?) As usual, Hongtao is our chef. Food is delicious. 
Ortal and Hongtao, when can we have the pearl tea?

Anything else? ... Trying to make the midnight "deadline" :-)

No matter where you are, enjoy the break, enjoy life.

Hairong Qi

Hairong Qi
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996
Tel: 865-974-8527, Fax: 865-974-5483