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  • to list repositories, use command line or webpage

svn ls

  • for access control, visit the file /etc/apache2/conf.d/svn.conf
  • to import new sources

first, clean up the source tree, remove unnecessary files second, get to the first level directory, run

svn import . -m "comment" cd ..

  1. delete the original copy as it's not an svn-managed directory

rm -rf Image

  1. check out new directory named ipl

svn co ipl

  1. to check if this is indeed an svn-managed directory, use

svn info

  1. to commit all the changes

svn commit

  1. to commit a particular change

svn commit filename

  1. to add a new file

svn add filename or directory svn commit

  1. to release a snapshot

svn copy

  1. if there's any problem, create a tag directory and import that

mkdir tags svn import . -m "tagging" rm -rf tags

  1. after the release is created, go to the website

  1. we can export the release when needed which doesn't have all the svn info

svn export new-name