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It was a good learning experience at the pitch talk during the 2013 CPS PI meeting. We, from academia, were so used to the technical talks that we tend to dive into the technical excitement and forgot the audience are venture capitalists. Not to mention that the audience are less friendly. The guideline given was very useful in preparing for the talk, which I'd share here.

  • Your attention grabber (One simple sentence on what you propose)
  • The problem
  • Your solution to the problem
  • How your approach is meaningfully and defensibly different from competition
  • Your team
  • Your target market, its size and its growth prospects
  • How will you make money and monetize this

Each talk was given 2-3 minutes and another 2-3 minutes for panel discussion. A couple of criteria need to follow:

  • Compelling problem
  • Addressable market
  • Solution approach
  • Monetization potential of idea and solution

Here's the pitch text and a revised version of our pitch talk.