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Important Readings

Graduation Requirements

Master student

  • expect to graduate within TWO years (from the day you enroll in the program)
  • submit at least one first-authored conference paper
  • for the assigned problem, propose your own innovative solution
  • need to be able to build a mobile sensor platform (MSP) from scratch during their first year of stay.

Ph.D. student

  • expect to graduate within FIVE years (from the day you enroll in the program)
  • at least two first-authored conference papers accepted by IEEE conferences
  • submit at least two first-authored journal paper
  • at least one first-authored journal paper accepted
  • need to be able to build a mobile sensor platform (MSP) from scratch during their first year of stay.

Other links

Suggested Course Work

  • ECE644 (information theory)
  • ECE504 (random process for M.S.)
  • ECE523/524 (probability for Ph.D.)
  • ECE571 (pattern recognition)
  • ECE505 (digital signal processing I)
  • ECE553 (computer networks)
  • ECE507 (application of linear algebra in engineering)
  • ECE572 (digital image processing)
  • MA527 (stochastic modeling)
  • MA553 (linear programming) (option)
  • MA554 (nonlinear programming)
  • MA577 (optimization)

Computing Environment

  • AICIP used to have an LDAP-centric computing environment set up where one server ( manages all the user account, group account, and personal profile so that individual client workstation does not need to maintain separate user information. When each user login from any workstations within the group, the authentication is done through the LDAP database, a consistent environment will be provided which means the user would have one and only one home directory, automatically mounted when one login. The environment also provides shared space. Each client does not need to have very big storage space, the server will provide many different space cells, categorized according to different projects, subjects, etc. and can be accessed by "cd /mnt/xxx". However, this has become more and more difficult to maintain within the group. So far, aicip is still set up as an LDAP server, but the client machines are not.
  • Currently, is used mainly as a web server and a mail server. Most of the activities have been switched to and can be updated through All current students should have an account on wiki so that you can edit the content yourself.

Documentation Format

  • I REQUIRE all my students to use Latex to compile their papers/reports/thesis except for extremely special cases. The lab should have Lamport's Latex book that you can use as a reference. The most efficient way to learn is to get a sample paper and get a quick start.
  • On windows, you can use Microsoft Visio or "xfig" to draw figures to be included in the document with .ps, .eps, or .pdf format; On Mac, the best alternative is OmniGraffle. Neither is that readily available. A more portable way as to drawing is use OpenOffice's drawing program: not as polished as others, but will get the work done.
  • Regarding editing tools, if you also work under Windows, you can use a software called "WinEdt"; On Mac, Texshop seems to be a popular choice.