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Current Member

  • Ying Qu, Post-doc
  • Chengcheng Li, Ph.D.
  • Fanqi Wang, Ph.D.
  • Ramin Nabati, Ph.D.
  • Quan Zhou, Ph.D.
  • Razieh Kaviani Baghbaderani, Ph.D.
  • Taher Naderi, Ph.D.
  • Maofeng Tang, Ph.D.
  • Michael Han, M.S.
  • Landon Harris, UG

Graduated Students

PhD Graduates

Alireza Rahimpour (Summer 2019)
Dissertation: Attention Mechanism for Recognition in Computer Vision
Now at Ford
Yang Song (Spring 2019)
Dissertation: Cross-Domain Image Transformation and Generation by Deep Learning
Now at Apple
Zhifei Zhang (Fall 2018)
Dissertation: Conditional Image Synthesis by Generative Adversarial Modeling
Now at Adobe
Liu Liu (Spring 2018)
Dissertation: Binary Representation Learning for Large Scale Visual Content
Now at Apple
Ying Qu (Fall 2017)
Dissertation: Hyperspectral Image Analysis through Unsupervised Deep Learning
Now a post-doc at AICIP
Ali Taalimi (Summer 2017)
Dissertation: Learning Multimodal Structures in Computer Vision
Now at GM Cruise, LLC
Austin Albright (Fall 2016)
Dissertation: A Quantitative Measurement of Mono-Componentness for Time-Frequency Analysis
Now at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Rui Guo (Summer 2016)
Dissertation: Face Centered Image Analysis Using Saliency and Deep Learning based Techniques
Now at Toyota ITC
Wei Wang (Fall 2015)
Dissertation: Exploiting Cross Domain Relationships for Target Recognition
Now at Amazon
Shuangjiang Li (Summer 2015)
Dissertation: Compressed Sensing in Resource-Constrained Environments: From Sensing Mechanism Design to Recovery Algorithms
Now at Alibaba
Bruce A. Johnson (Fall 2014)
Dissertation: Computing Approximate Solutions to the Art Gallery Problem and Watchman Route Problem by Means of Photon Mapping
Now at Naval Surface Warfare Center
Zhibo Wang (Summer 2014)
Dissertation: Barrier Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
Now at Zhejiang University
Jiajia Luo (Spring 2014)
Dissertation: Feature Extraction and Recognition for Human Action Recognition
Now at Amazon
Li He, Ph.D., Fall 2013
Dissertation: Bayesian Dictionary Learning for Single and Coupled Feature Spaces
Now at KLA-Tencor
Mahmut Karakaya, Ph.D., Summer 2011
Dissertation: Collaborative Solutions to Visual Sensor Networks
Now at Kennesaw State University
Yang Bai, Ph.D., Spring 2011
Dissertation: Feature-based Image Comparison and Its Application in Wireless Visual Sensor Network
Now at Digimarc
Sangwoo Moon, Ph.D., Summer 2010
Dissertation: A Novel Hybrid Dimensionality Reduction Method Using Support Vector Machines and Independent Component Analysis
Now at Microsoft, Inc.
Dayu Yang, Ph.D., Spring 2010 - Co-advised with Dr. Husheng Li
Dissertation: An Effective Approach to Nonparametric Quickest Detection and Its Decentralized Realization
Now at Life
Ortal Orazi, Ph.D., Fall 2007
Dissertation: Self-certified Public Key Cryptographic Methodologies for Resource-constrained Wireless Sensor Networks
Lidan Miao, Ph.D., Fall 2007
Dissertation: Computationally-efficient Mixed Pixel Decomposition Using Constrained Optimizations
Now at Microsoft
Hongtao Du, Ph.D., Fall 2006, - Co-advised with Dr. Don Bouldin
Dissertation: Efficient Image Processing in Resource-Constrained Visual Sensor Networks
Now at Moog
Yingyue Xu, Ph.D., Spring 2005
Dissertation: Energy Efficient Designs for Collaborative Signal and Information Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Now at Rockwell-Collin
Xiaoling Wang, Ph.D., Fall 2004
Dissertation: High Accuracy Distributed Target Detection and Classification in Sensor Networks Based on Mobile Agent Framework
Now at Dolby Laboratories

MS Graduates

Chengyong Jiao (Fall 2019)
Course Only
Elliot Greenlee (Summer 2018)
Thesis: Real Time Fusion of Radioisotope Direction Estimation and Visual Object Tracking
Now at Google
Andrew August (Fall 2017)
Project: Scene Classification in Earth-Surface Imagery
Yang Zhang (Fall 2016)
Thesis: Scheduling for Timely Passenger Delivery in a Large Scale Ride Sharing System
Now at Uber
Liu Liu, M.S., Summer 2014
Thesis: Statistical Analysis of Disturbances in Power Transmission System
Daniel Marti'nez Capilla, M.S., Summer 2012 - Co-advised with Dr. Fabrice Meriaudeau
Thesis: Sign Language Translator Using Microsoft Kinect
Bryan Bodkin, M.S., Summer 2012
Thesis: Real-Time Mobile Stereo Vision
Shravani Yerabati, M.S. (Non-thesis Option/Project), Spring 2012
Project: Hand Gesture Recognition - A Performance Comparison
Shuangjiang Li, M.S., Fall 2011
Thesis: Distributed Compressive Sparse Sampling for Data Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks
Harika Tandra, M.S., Fall 2009
Thesis: Automated System to Debug Under-performing Network Flows in Wide Area Networks
Ying Sun, M.S., Summer 2008
Thesis: Dynamic Target Classification in Wireless Sensor Networks
Austin Albright, M.S., Fall 2007
Thesis: The Detection of Stress Corrosion Cracking in National Gas Pipelines Using Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers
Haritha Kolli, M.S., Summer 2007, - Co-advised with Dr. Thomas G. Hallam
Thesis: Study of Interaction Between Mexican Free tailed Bats and Moths
Raghul Gunasekarn, M.S., Spring 2007
Thesis: A Cross-layer Routing Protocol (XLRP) for Wireless Sensor Networks
Cheng Qian, M.S., Summer 2006
Thesis: A Distributed Solution for Visual Sensor Networks to Detect Targets in Crowds
Lu Zhang, M.S., Summer 2006
Thesis: Automatic Image Based Time Varying 3D Feature Extraction and Tracking
Chris Beall, M.S., Summer 2006
Thesis: Distributed Self-Deployment in Visual Sensor Networks
Sankar Venkatraman, M.S., Summer 2005, - Co-advised with Dr. Mitchel J. Doktycz
Thesis: Automated Analysis of Fluorescent Microscopic Images to Identify Protein-protein Interactions
Now at KLA-Tencor
Balasubramanian Lakshminarayanan, M.S., Summer 2005
Thesis: Automatic Target Recognition of Civilian Targets Using Data Fusion
Now at Sportvision
Aruna Raghavan, M.S., Summer 2005, - Co-advised with Dr. Tom Hallam
Thesis: Study of Individual and Group Behavior of Brazilian Free Tailed Bats and Dynamic Frame Bat Counting Using Real-Time Infrared Video
Gaurav Baone, M.S., Summer 2005
Thesis: Development of Demosaicking Techniques for Multi-Spectral Imaging Using Mosaic Focal Plane Arrays
Yang Liu, M.S., Fall 2004
Thesis: The Design of Medium Access Control (MAC) Protocols for Energy Efficiency and QoS Provision in Wireless Sensor Networks
Now at Amazon
Olawoye Oyeyele, M.S., Summer 2004
Thesis: A Robust Node Selection Strategy for Lifetime Extension in Wireless Sensor Networks
Phani Teja Sastry Kuruganti, M.S., Summer 2003
Thesis: Development of Mobile Agent Framework in Wireless Sensor Networks for Multi-Sensor Collaborative Processing
Now at ORNL
Hongtao Du, M.S., Summer 2003, Co-advised with Dr. Gregory Peterson
Thesis: Dimensionality Reduction Using Parallel ICA and Its Implementation on FPGA in Hyperspectral Image Analysis
Yuxin Tian, M.S., Summer 2001
Thesis: Target Detection and Classification Using Seismic Signal Processing in Unattended Ground Sensor Systems