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INFOD Use Case

Scenario An accident has occurred, and a bystander reports the event to the E911 center. The E911 center then requests for police, ambulance and/or fire truck to be dispatched based on the current description of the event. As the first officer arrives at the location, the officer reports more details of the accident to the E911 center and also updates on the developments and states of the incident. The E911 center based on the description of the event and the current state of the event alerts the necessary services (fire, medical and police) for action. If resources in a particular region are not sufficient, then the E911 center needs to make a decision in calling for additional resources based on their capabilities and availabilities.



  • The E911 center receives information of any emergency within an area, and based on the incident information it communicates with first responders such as police, hospital, fire and medical services. The E911 center operates closely with the police (control center)
  • The police control center instructs and maintains information of its resources in an active duty. Similarly, the fire service and medical services control and command over their resources.
  • The E911 center instructs these control centers and the control center communicates to their resources.
  • There might be more than one operating center for a service, example the fire service might operate in more than one location within the region and each have their own resources.

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