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An AICIPer will try to do the following:

  1. If you are new to AICIP, please consider asking for an account on Panda and wiki (this site). This is entirely optional, but it somewhat shows that you know what you want, and more important, you read this article.
  2. If you want to write a report or a paper, please consider writing in Latex first before diving into MS word. And that letter to Mama can be an exception.
  3. If you are assigned with a programming job, please consider scripting language Ruby and Python if it is not performance bound or system oriented; Otherwise, C is still your best friend, yes, even after 30 some years. Further references: Essential C, C class notes of Brian Harvey, Pointers & Memory by Nick Parlante, Storage Management by Paul Hilfinger
  4. If you have some code written either for a paper or your thesis, _or_ even the paper itself, please consider putting them into a source control repository. Every one of you should request an account on, and you should really learn to use Subversion. You can try Git if you know what you are doing, no objections here.
  5. If your codes grow into more than a file.c and a file.h and people say, write me a Makefile or have a build system, please consider Scons, it can probably save you tons of trouble and get the job done faster and better.
  6. If you are given or inherited a computer, or just bought one for yourself - even if you don't consider yourself a hardcore computer person, please consider finding out: what is the CPU model, installed memory and maximum you can have, graphic card, hard drive capacity and partition information, motherboard, number of expansion slots, OS release etc. If all these sounds confusing, read this PC hardware guide. The bottom line is: know your system.