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By Chris Beall

Please read ALL directions before you begin soldering.

It is probably best to solder all connections to the circuit board before installing the wires leading towards the motherboard. The diagrams below refer to right and left motors. The picture below shows which side I consider to be right/left.


Now you can start soldering the wires to the circuit board. The diagrams below show how everything should be connected. Pay very close attention to the colors of the wires. They must match exactly for the driver to work the same way on each robot.

Be very careful to make sure that all connections are good, and that no two wires touch each other. If any of the parallel port wires come in contact with the motor (to power it), the parallel port would be damaged, and possibly even the entire motherboard.

Make sure the wires to the motors are long enough to reach. The extension wires to the right motor should be about 5-7inches long. The wires to the left motor should be about 8-10inches long. Please use black stranded wire for the negative battery connection. The following diagram shows connections in rear view of the robot.

Rear view.jpg

The diagram below shows the detailed circuit board connections for the H-Bridge. Notice that I used black and red for the motors. Also be sure to use the proper color for each pin.

H-Bridgeinput output.jpg

The following schematic shows the detailed connection colors for each pin on the H-Bridge.

H-Bridge detail.jpg

Next you should attach the power and ground cables for each part. Notice that the ground for the charger jack is attached on the right, the ground for the external power jack, the motherboard ground, and the battery ground are all attached on the left. The +12V from the battery gets attached infront of the capacitor, along with with the +12V input to the motherboard. See diagram below.

Power connections.jpg

Next you should insert the pins into the parallel port connector. Pay close attention to the color! Mixing up the colors can severely damage the motherboard. Parallel Port Connections for H-Bridge:

Parallel port H-Bridge.jpg