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Project Summary

Existing sensor platforms are either too expensive for cost-efficient lab deployment or too resource constrained for hosting complicate signal and image processing algorithms. This project is to build a mobile sensor platform with both 1-D (e.g., acoustic) and 2-D sensing (e.g., imaging) capabilities, powerful on-board processing, mobility, and most importantly, with a cost of less than $500 (exclusive of labor cost). This project started in Spring 2004 as a course project. The initial design has gone through several generations of refinements and improvements in later semesters. Currently, each student entering AICIP is required to build a platform from scratch.

Design Document

  • MSP v4.0 - Adding Stereo Vision, Summer 2012 - by Bryan Bodkin
    • Building Instructions Documentation (pdf)
    • Part cut-out schematics
      • Battery corner holder (cm pdf, inches pdf)
      • Bottom plate (cm pdf, inches pdf)
      • Motor Box (cm pdf, inches pdf)
      • Top plate (cm pdf, inches pdf)
    • Part List (pdf)
  • MSP v3.0 - ECE400 Senior Design, Spring 2010 (Brian Hunter, Dhaval Patel, Rabi Arimilli, and Lancelot DaSilva)
    • Part List (list1, list2)
    • Final Presentation
    • Final Project Report (pdf)
  • MSP v3.0 - Summer 2008 (More standardized design by Mahmut Karakay)
    • Part List (pdf)
    • Hardware Specifications (pdf)
    • Software Specifications (pdf)
  • MSP v1.0 - Visionaries, Spring 2004
    • Design specification (pdf) - ECE491 design report from Mike McCullough, Scott Fields, Karen Harvey, Chris Beall, Allen Kemp, Kweku Korsah


  • Component testing
  • Self-localization demo(Chris Beall's MS thesis, Summer 2006)
  • Parallel dancing demo (Class project demo from ECE453, Fall 2005)
  • Target recognition demo (Class final project demo from ECE692, Spring 2004)
  • Self-deployment demo - Distributed vs. Centralized (Chris Beall's MS defense demo, Summer 2006)
  • MSP navigation demo (ECE599 Embedded System course project, Spring 2008) (report, presentation)
  • MSP putting out fire (ECE455 course project, Spring 2010)
  • Target counting (Senior design, Spring 2010)

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