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Welcome to AICIP (Advanced Imaging and Collaborative Information Processing) Wiki site.

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  • New January 2021: Ramin's CenterFusion paper is accepted at WACV'21. Congratulations!
  • New December 2020: Ying and Razieh collaborated again on the [transfer learning-based HSI classification] paper, which is accepted at IEEE TGRS. Congratulations on another excellent team work!
  • New December 2020: After the INFOCOM paper, Peng's [personalized privacy preserving] paper is accepted at TMC. The one-year of hard work finally pays off. Congratulations!
  • New August 2020: Razieh and Ying's open-set recognition paper is accepted at ECCV'20. Congratulations!
  • New July 2020: Ying and Razieh's [unsupervised pansharpening paper] is accepted at IEEE TGRS. Congratulations to both of you.
  • New April 2020: After finishing up his one-year visit at AICIP, Peng finally got his [personalized privacy preserving] paper published at INFOCOM'20. Congratulations! And we'll miss having you around.
  • New March 2020: Alireza's meta-learning based few-shot classification paper is accepted at WACV'20. Alireza is now with Ford, Inc. We miss you, Alireza!
  • New June 2019: Zhifei's image super-resolution paper is accepted at CVPR'19. Congratulations!
  • New May 2019: Yang's talking face paper is finally accepted at IJCAI. Thanks for bringing in all the creative works, from face progression/regression (CVPR) to face synthesis (AAAI), and now Raelynn :-)
  • New Apr 2019: After returning from two back-to-back internships at Honda Research, Alireza is ready to do his defense that focuses on Attention. He's the last of the three (with Yang and Zhifei) that started PhD at the same time. We'll miss all of them.
  • New Mar 2019: One month after giving birth to Raelynn, Yang returned to school and finished an excellent PhD defense. Her dissertation is "Cross-Domain Image Transformation and Generation by Deep Learning". Yang will join Apple, Inc. after graduation. Congratulations!
  • New Feb 2019: Welcome Raelynn to the world! Congratulations to Zhifei and Yang, probably the most important achievement of their PhD study!

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