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I sent out our first issue of the newsletter in August 2004 and decided to 
make it a regular event. Following is a summary of our group activities since 
August 2004.

- Lidan received the SARIF Summer GRA award in March 2005.
- Yingyue received the Chancellor's award for Extraordinary Professional 
Promise in April 2005. 
- Dr. Qi received NSF Career Award in May 2005.

Congratulations to them all!

- Yang successfully passed his M.S. defense in November 2004.
- Yingyue finally finished :-) his defense saga in April 2005.

Congratulations to both of them!

- Xiaoling landed a research position at Sony in San Jose, CA in October 2005.
- Yang was hired by Broadcom early this year
- Yingyue nailed down a research position at IAI in Feb this year.

Lessons learned?
- Woye would have received probably a couple of offers if not for his legal 
status. His OPT starts in August, but H1B quota is only available in October. 
So there's a gap in between. Although strictly speaking, that shouldn't cause 
problem, the employers get nervous about it. 
- Look for interships during your study. 
- Anything else?

Ortal and Raghul joined and will join our group this January and August. Their 
performance in my REAL class has been excellent. Their research focus would be 
on sensor network.

We need to do better in publishing. Our publication record hasn't been strong 
compared to that reported in our 1st issue. Part of the reason is because I've 
been very busy doing nothing this semester and haven't been keeping up with 
students' work. Since August 2004, we've had two book chapters and one 
refereed journal paper accepted for publication, one book chapter and one 
journal paper under revision, two journal papers still under review, three 
conference papers published, eight conference papers submitted and under 

We were invited to write two chapters in the Biomedical Engineering Handbook. 
This is the first time IR is included as a separate section.
- H. Qi, P. T. Kuruganti, W. E. Snyder, "Detecting breast cancer from thermal 
infrared images by asymmetry analysis," Biomedical Engineering Handbook,
3rd Ed., Infrared Imaging Section. Editor: Nicholas A. Diakides. To be 
published by CRC Press.
- Z. Liu, C. Wang, H. Qi, "Thermal Texture Mapping (TTM): Concept, Theory, and 
Applications," Biomedical Engineering Handbook}, 3rd Ed., Infrared Imaging 
Section. Editor: Nicholas A. Diakides. To be published by CRC Press.

Hongtao has his first journal paper accepted in IEEE Transactions. Good job!
- H. Du, H. Qi, X. Wang, "Comparative study of VLSI solutions to independent 
component analysis," IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, to be 
published, 2005.

Dr. Qi has an invited chapter on Thermography under revision and Xiaoling has 
her paper on hierarchical information fusion under revision.

Hongtao's another paper to TVLSI and Lidan's paper to TIP are under review.

We have three SPIE papers from Hongtao, Lidan, and Xiaoling accepted and 
published. SPIE conferences are good for publicity but more IEEE papers on 
your resume would certainly weigh more.
- H. Du, H. Qi, H. H. Szu, "Synthesis of sub-pixel jitter restoration on 
re-configurable FPGA platform for mini-UAV," Independent Component Analyses, 
Wavelets, Unsupervised Smart Sensors, and Neural Network III at SPIE Defense 
Security Symposium, vol. 5818, 12 pages, Orlando (Kissimmee), FL, March 28 - 
April 1, 2005.
- L. Miao, H. Qi, F. Wang, "Self-deployable mobile sensor networks for 
on-demand surveillance," Sensors, and Command, Control, Communications, and 
Intelligence (C3I) Technologies for Homeland Security and Homeland Defense IV 
at SPIE Defense and Security Symposium, vol. 5778, 12 pages, Orlando 
(Kissimmee), FL, March 28 - April 1, 2005.
- X. Wang, H. Qi, "Sequential collaborative processing for energy efficiency 
and fault tolerance in unattended ground sensor networks," Unattended Ground 
Sensor Technologies and Applications VII at SPIE Defense and Security 
Symposium, vol. 5796, 12 pages, Orlando (Kissimmee), FL, March 28 - April 1, 

The eight conference papers submitted include:
- Hongtao (SECON, Sensor, IECON)
- Lidan (IROS)
- Ortal (ICCCN)
- Yingyue (SECON)
- Sankar (EMBS)
- Yang (MASS)

Hopefully, we'll get good reviews. For Ph.D. students, journal papers are more 

I have created a new mailing list "alumni at" to include all 
the graduates from AICIP.

Our group successfully hosted Dr. Harold Szu's visit in the middle of this 
semester. All of us learned a lot from him about how to conduct creative 
thinking. I wish I can translate his philosophy from Chinese to English. I 
don't see how that could happen in the near future though.

If I've missed any news, please let me know. Your feedback is always 

For previous issues, see
- August 2004,

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