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Dear AICIP Alumni,

Hope you are enjoying life after graduation. I've been meaning to create a 
mailing list for alumni so that you can exchange information with each other 
and with us, AICIP.

For this debut issue, I'll just list news I collected from you. Please update 
me when you can. I'll start with Yuxin, our first graduate.

Yuxin is currently finishing up his Ph.D. dissertation at Texas A&M 
University. Or have you finished already?

Teja just became a permanent employee of ORNL for his excellent performance 
during his post-graduate period. This is rather uncommon consider that Teja is 
not a US citizen.

Xiaoling is doing very well at Sony. Her research focus is optimization and 
lately had a lot of pressure on making deadlines.

Yang has finally decided to give up the Dartmouth fellowship and stay at 
Broadcom. Doesn't matter what he chose, we wish him happy. He's been working 
very hard on a recent product.

Yingyue just returned to school for his hooding ceremony. He has started 
writing proposals at IAI in order to bring in funding.

Woye is still actively looking for jobs. If any of you heard any opportunity, 
please contact Woye.

Have a good summer,


Hairong Qi
Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996
Tel: 865-974-8527, Fax: 865-974-5483