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and install Skim PDF viewer

Sublime API and Document

Package control

Auto Wrap

Preference/Settings - More/Syntax specific

This open up LaTeX.sublime-settings

"auto_wrap" : true,
"auto_wrap_width" : 78

Spell Check

Preference/Settings - More/Syntax specific

This open up LaTeX.sublime-settings

{ "auto_wrap" : true,
  "auto_wrap_width" : 78,
  // Set to true to turn spell checking on by default
  "spell_check": true

Wrap Plus Key Binding

Preferences/Key Bindings - Users

  {"keys": ["super+alt+q"], "command": "wrap_lines_plus", "args": {"width": 78}}

Of course, we could use a different key combination.

For a list of how key are defined, you can open Preferences/Key Binding (Default)

Customize font

Preference/Settings/Users or Cmd + ,

# Preferences.sublime-settings

	"font_face": "Menlo",
	"font_size": 14


Vim Mode

Latex Support

First of all, we need to define the following line for each sub file.

%!TEX root = yourmasterfile.tex

A few commonly used commands

Control Command Notes
C-l j Display PDF from where the current cursor is
C-l ts Toggle PDF syncing

Use spaces (globally)


"tab_size": 4,
// Set to true to insert spaces when tab is pressed
"translate_tabs_to_spaces": true,

Color Themes

First, install “ColorSublime”

Option 1: Pastels on Dark

Option 2: Sunburst/Twilight (both theme are kinda similar)

Option 3: Active4D

The path for installing new color theme packages are:

You can download color theme at:

Project Management

Command Notes
Cmd + ^ + p switch between project
Cmd + b compile
Cmd + l v display PDF

Using LuaLatex

Preference/Package Settings/LatexTools/Settings - Users/

"builder_settings" : {

// General settings:

// See README or third-party documentation

"program": "lualatex",

New Build Command

Note that this is how you can put multiple command on Mac OS X


   "cmd": [

   "sh", "-c", "cmake . && make"



Fine tune word wrap

Preference/Settings/Syntax specific, this doesn’t seem work.

I have to go with Setting - Users for some reason

I got rid of {} [] -

I consider this as whole word things.

   // Characters that are considered to separate words

   "word_separators": "./\\()\"',.;<>~!@#$%^&*|+=`~?"