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Project Summary

The underwater sensor network has presented a lot of challenging problems, including the energy issue, the scalability issue, the reliability issue, and the real-time response issue. The limited underwater acoustic transmission channel and the slow propagation speed make these issues even harder to solve. Although it is difficult to meet all the objectives at the same time, we can provide performance evaluations and simulations that would suggest a near-optimal solution given certain constraints. In this project, we evaluate different computing paradigms to carry out distributed processing. We will also develop an underwater sensor network simulator (USNSim) using IAI's agent-based ad-hoc mobile network simulation technology. Evaluation metrics including cost, detection accuracy, response time, degree of fault tolerane, etc. This work is led by Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI), in partnership with the University of Tennessee at Knowville.


  • ONR Sensing and Systems Division through SBIR Program

Topics Addressed

  • Performance evaluation of the traditional client/server-based computing paradigm and mobile-agent-based architecture in support of collaborative processing in underwater sensor networks
  • Detection performance modeling and evaluation in USN characterized by the ROC curve
  • The development of an underwater sensor network simulator (USNSim) using intelligent agent-based ad-hoc mobile entwork simulation technology
  • The graphical user interface (GUI) design for the proposed simulator to help assess different design options of the USN given user's requirements