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  • change boot order in BIOS, make HDD first.
  • disable unused hardware: type devmgmt.msc
  • Right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties". Open the "Advanced" menu, then "Settings", then "Visual Effects", choose "Adjust for best performance", and click "Apply". This usually speeds things up a little bit.
  • Does Vista seem slower than XP to you? A default power setting in the "Power Saver" plan limits the CPU to 50 percent. Open the Power Options control panel and change it to "High Performance" to give it full throttle. —


  • View Folder: if the "tool" menu is not available, press "ALT" will make it show up so that you can customize the folder view.
  • Network Connections: the irritating thing of vista is, this common panel won't show up as you would expect. The fix, run "ncpa.cpl" in windows/system32/ directory.
  • CMD Path: right click property and change "Start in" from:


 what ever you want
  • Restore Trash Can: Right click the empty desktop area, select "Personalize", then on the left side of the panel, select "Change Desktop Icon", from there, you can restore Trash Can icon.
  • Add Host file: add host entry to

  • Connect Two Montiors
    • Here is what you can do: choose "Power Options", and set that when you close the lid when power is plugged, do nothing. I don't know it is actually turn off the laptop display or not (I hope so).
    • In "windows help and support", you can search for "setup up multiple monitors", but the keypoint is that you can open "Windows Mobility Center", and on the "External Display" Title, click "Connect display".
    • Then you have the choice of asking the display to be "mirrored" or "external" only.
    • Noted that this panel is also accessible from Control Panel.

Setup VIM

  • copy wombat.vim to C:\Program Files\Vim\vim72\colors
  • copy gvimrc (from system/configure) to C:\Program Files\Vim
  • copy vimrc (from system/configure) to C:\Program Files\Vim

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